I have always been a maker. There’s something about how the world can quiet around me when I am working on a project. I can get lost for hours. As my original inspiration for my jewelry, I have always found semi-precious stones to be beautiful. It’s the flaws that make them unique and beautiful. It’s their imperfection and humble nature that make them wearable. My attraction to the imperfect may have begun when I began making jewelry. I’m not really sure. However I know the theme is still present in my life.

There are two ways to look at everything. The beauty and joy I can see in my day (on most days) has been a hard won gift from the struggle that I’ve experienced. I found that when I looked at my role in our family as the one who cooked & cleaned I was angry every time my kids spilled something or made a mess, which was pretty much all of the time. When I started accepting who I was and what mattered to me as a priority, and that picking up was a task I completed, that allowed us to live a little less chaotically I started to be able to embrace the beauty in front of me. Instead of getting aggravated every time Kate hauled out all of her doll stuff, I could revel in the intense way she loves playing babies. This changed everything for me.