INSPIRATION:  My inspiration for this project comes from my family.  I have been passionate about photography for years. However, the spark ignited after having my oldest daughter Lucy. I wanted to capture everything about her, who she was, what she loved, what I loved about her... However, if I didn't write anything down, I felt that when I'd go back to those photos, some of the stories and depth of my experience as her mom were lost. I started writing down a lot of details, such as how much she weighed at what age; how often she'd eat & how much. Again, a year or so later when I looked back at them, I wondered why I had wrote them down... because they didn't bring any memories of her, or our life with her back to me. So I began really working out what was important to me, what was good, what mattered to me and us. I wanted to write down what I wanted to remember.  because I would blink, and what mattered to her or what her favorite thing was would change. I began writing those things down. From that I created a long list of prompts to draw this information out. Just because I remembered what I wanted to write down one day, didn't mean I'd have any idea of what I wanted to write down the next. The list of prompts that I created draw out a beautiful story full of honesty, imperfection, change, growth, & what matters most to me: who they are right now. This is how the "Story of Us" was born. The beautiful thing about this whole process, is that it's lead me to search for what's good in a day. I believe that if you look for the good you'll find it.  A day with 3 kids under 6 when I'm 32 weeks pregnant is no where near perfect, but there's so much beauty in the imperfection. So I write that down.

WHAT 'THE STORY OF US' IS: A book that combines a planner, prompts to draw out your story, and a journal, all in one.

One place to write down your family’s story, your struggles & triumphs, your moments & feelings, your life, your love & your inspiration. Your book will hold what is meaningful to you, what is beautiful in your life right now, and all the incredible details that make your family who they are. It’s a place to grow and be heard. A place to document your family’s unique story. A place to have the beauty of it all recorded before it’s forgotten and gone. This book will have a place in your library for years to come. It will bring you back to this time. It will include all of the love you have for your family inside. Life in its most honest state is beautiful. Life in its most mundane is full of love. This book will give you one place to write it all down.

WHO IT'S FOR: It’s for anyone who loves their life and wants to remember
the beautiful, imperfect details of it all.


So on a really bad day when you feel driven up the wall, you can release your feelings on the page,  then flip a few back and see what’s beautiful in your life.

Because life changes so quickly, it’s so easy to forget how much good there is. It needs to be written down, or those stories are gone forever.

Because some days are just hard. Some days are hard before you even get out of bed. Then there are demands coming from every which way... It’s easy to get buried with exasperation and frustration. At the same time there are these incredibly joyful beautiful snippets... Or mornings, or days... And they’re made up of the simple stuff. Not the big trips to places, but the genuine smile you receive when you get your little one up in the morning or the picture your oldest made in art class for you, even though she didn’t have to; or the way your little man spent the early morning with you, just the two of you, which is so rare, making a necklace together. The day happens so quickly, that these deeply meaningful wonderfully joyful moments get passed by ... And quickly forgotten if they’re not recorded.

It’s amazing to look back, even a month, and see how much your life has changed. Imagine reading this in 5 years.

That’s what this book is for. It’s a home for those moments, a place to help you see, and a place to tell your story.

If you look for the good in your life, you will find it.