Our Story: Things are changing!


The very independent lady didn't want any help with her pants :)

It’s amazing how change happens so seamlessly with little ones unless you’re watching for it, you don’t always notice it happening. It wasn’t that long ago I wished for a vacuum to be an extension of my arm because our floors were constantly covered with food and I had to vacuum after every meal. It’s one of those things you have this mild desperate aggravating hopeless feeling that you will be vacuuming all of the time forever. It’s never going to end. And now sitting here writing this, I realize I only vacuuma few times a week. Being the crappy housekeeper I am, I’m sure it really could use more than that,  but I’m no longer stepping on sticky noodles, or wet bananas, that make the arm extension essential.
My biggest challenge right now as a mom that’s transitioning from 3 to 4 children is the change. It hasn’t happened yet, but knowing how this goes, I feel it coming in my bones. My youngest Kate has been my baby for 2 years now. When the baby comes she’s going to look two feet taller. Her feelings are going to get hurt by this new tiny little person, and I know the heart break I’ll feel because of this. I’m not going to be able to get her what she needs whenever she needs, which is really something I need to work on anyway! I don’t want to raise a demanding little diva. Though I know so much love is being added to our family, I know the transition is hard for little ones.
Change & growth endlessly equally challenge me & inspire me. Kate & I have had this routine for months. It involves me singing to her and rocking her, plunking her in her crib, and some form of kisses and nigh nights. It used to be more elaborate. It wasn’t that long ago that I rocked her and sang to her over and over, and then we needed several kisses through the bars of the crib before I said good night. At this point, there was a lot more space on my lap, and she’d spread her small square very weathered purplish blanky on my belly and lean in and we’d snuggle. It was this really tender beautiful thing that I would have paid the big bucks to have photoed, just so I could remember this time. In this time she was my shadow, everything I did, she wanted to do. This was September/October. Then came October/November, and me getting ready for my holiday open house and her developing her bond with her dad. There was wrestling and often he’d be her preferred mode of transport to bed. It always hurts a little to not be their only one, but it also brought an inkling of freedom. I think the need of our routine began becoming less to her.  Now we’re in November/December & she thinks her older sister is the bomb diggity. She wants to do whatever she’s doing. And although there are still parts of our beautiful sleep routine there, there’s less of it. And now she’s moving into a phase where she’s very independent. There’s still the need for me of course. But when I get up stairs to put her to bed. She’s already in the rocking chair and asserting “Kate Rock”. I’ve got to scoop her up and tell her it’s time for her & I to rock. This change that you don’t see happening but is shaping them and revealing who they are is my inspiration for writing our life down. It’s the reason, I break out my camera daily. All of the beauty , change, and growth of our everyday continues to flow& happen whether I capture it or not. The only difference is that I lose something if I don’t.