Challenge: Write something down everyday

Leo Joseph Benoit, 7 lb 6 oz,  born January 6, 4:35 PM

Leo Joseph Benoit, 7 lb 6 oz,  born January 6, 4:35 PM

Leo's 1 month today!

Leo's 1 month today!

 He's brought so much love into our home.

It's incredible. Lucy, Anthony, & Kate can't get enough of him. Cousin's flock to him when they see him. In our family there are a lot of them!

There's so much love & joy. This I remember. I somehow forgot the exhaustion from multiple late night feedings. I don't think I forgot the frustration and aggravation that come from the emotional outbursts that come from the just bumped baby. I think I just haven't experienced them lately and forgot how hard they are to handle. Each time I feed Leo, Kate decides at that moment that she needs to be held and totally melts down. I've started to get better at distracting her, but man this wears me out. I think the hardest part is just having no set schedule. Not being sure when I'll time to work on the things that balance me out. This time is just so hard. I'm feeling very stretched. With all of this newness going on, there are so many things that are essential to my well-being that I've set aside. Planning! I feel so much better when my week is planned, and I can check things off my list! So much better! Also Gratitude! Nursing this time around has been stressful and painful and I've felt way too sorry for myself. I'm seeing what's negative and not what's good and beautiful. Also, I stopped writing things down daily, when I got back to writing them down, I wrote a bunch at once. My recollections were more surfacy then if I wrote regularly. So it's time to set my February goals!



1. PLAN! Plan my week on Sunday! This way I can think about what I want in it, and make sure it's included daily. By monday, my week is already underway. Planning is so much more effective and beneficial when I actually do it! and when I do it on Sunday!

2. GRATITUDE! Gratitude re-routes your brain. It's so much harder to feel sorry for yourself and be negative when you look for what's good in your life first. I need this.. Especially now! There's so much good that's right in front of me and I'm not seeing it!  I'm making a goal to write 5 things I am grateful for each day.

3. WRITE SOMETHING DOWN EVERY DAY! Things change so quickly, what's essential, what we're doing, what we're into is always changing. Write it down or it will be missed. My goal is to do 1 daily & 1 monthly prompt per day.

Make my goals yours!

Happy February!

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