WHAT IT IS: The 'Find the good project' is my attempt to put what's good in my life in the forefront. When I get too stuck on what's hard in my life I tend to forget what's actually going well at the same time. To participate you can either write or write & photo about something in your life that makes you feel very fortunate. If you'd like to go the write & photo route use hashtag: #findthegood on instagram. You're welcome to also keep it private. The Evernote app works very well for both photo & text. If you'd like to simply write what's good, you can use the March journal pages in your Story of Us book, a notebook, or a word program.


3/1/17 - I remain sane if I keep a schedule. Naptime is the part of my schedule that everything else is planned around. It's time of day that I don't let anyone interfere with. If there is naptime I get my break. If I get my break I am a mentally balanced happy mom. If Leo sleeps during Kate's naptime & Anthony's rest time, I get to work at my desk. There has not been 1 day since he was here that he has not slept during this time. For me this is the ultimate 'good' thing.



3/2/17 - Things are getting back to normal. Only one time did Kate get her feelings hurt today. My goodness that felt good. I can handle that. After feeding Leo, I put him in the swing and we had a morning where she was her sweet happy playful little self. I haven't seen this side of her in 2 months. It made me so happy to see it today! 

3/3/17 - I got myself in the frame!!! This is something that's been so big in my head that I just simply haven't tried it! A photo challenge given by Heather Robinson, who I admire so much, got me in the picture! It's a starting point! I'm so excited to see where this can go!

3/4/17 -A day with Leo. The older 3 are at Grandma Chris's. Which means a day that is free and clear to work! Quality time with this little guy lasts as long as a feeding & about a half an hour after. He is such an easy going little snoozer. I am so thankful for this!

3/5/17 - Luke taking this picture! To me this is one of the greatest gifts he can give me. An image that celebrates our life and the relationship that I have with our kids.

3/6/17 - Something good: The love my kids have for each other. They have us they have each other.

03/07/17 Our life right now, a beautiful, organized, mess. I am worn out and a bit brow beaten, but feeling victorious today. 6 years and 8 monthsish ago, I can remember having a particularly low day. I was about to have my first night alone with you Lucy. You were one month old. I was scared out of my mind. I remember sitting at mother's day brunch and trying to hold it together in front of everyone when I realized your dad was going to start working nights again. I excused myself to the bathroom so I could cry in private. I didn't believe I could make it through that night, with a new baby, by myself.
I've got to tell you I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of today. Today, you & Anthony were home sick and I held the house together. There was breakfast, and vitamin refusals, I got my grades submitted. 45 minute meltdowns from Kate. Anthony fell down the stairs. Leo needed to be nursed. Lunch. An accusation of having bad manners. Naptime. Rest time. A clogged toilet. An attempt at a self portrait. Taxes. Dinner. And I held it together. It wasn't perfect, but we made it through the day, and that's something I'm very proud of.

03/08/17 - Today, I came down with a flu/mastitis?? combo. Something good: I had help when I needed it. I felt really crappy & I didn't have to muscle through when I wasn't up to it.

03/09/17 -  Something good: In another jumbled day, with more pain I had Kathy Dietrich, a lactation consultant who has been ridiculously helpful to me with Leo, call me from her home to let me know how to take care of my blocked ducts. I asked for help & again received it. 

03/10/17 - So many good things. I have a place to go when I need a break & to recharge my batteries. This place is full of inspiration and interesting light to practice with. I'm taking a class that guides me to this new light to learn. I have a camera that lets me express myself through its body & lens. I have a wonderful father-in-law who helps me & my helpful husband pack up the kids when it's time to go.