Jewelry: Modern Family Necklace

I am very drawn to permanence. I think I am someone who needs a stabilizing force to balance my more erratic qualities. The unknown has often caused me anxiety. Our family has recently experienced a few weeks of the unstable/unknown. My daughter Lucy was diagnosed with hydronephrosis (a swollen kidney) when I was 30 weeks pregnant with her. While monitoring her over the last 4 years, she developed advanced kidney reflux.  Her doctor (and one of the nicest men I know) Dr. Gundeti let us know it was time to do surgery to repair her reflux. She was scheduled to have the laparoscopy one month out. Lucy's got a lot of allergies, a few very severe, and I was really worried her allergies might cause her to react to the anesthesia in a serious way. It weighed heavily on me for days.  There was nothing I could do to keep her safe during the surgery. She was out of my hands and I could not be there to make sure things went smoothly. There are so many times a mom cannot be there and assure everything will work out. I think as my kids get older this number will only increase.  I think this is why I am drawn to and feel compelled to create hand stamped jewelry. It by nature has that permanence. The names are set in silver and are fixed there. In the midst of the uncertain, it's also a way to hold your family with you when they can't be with you. It might be ridiculous, but it makes me feel safer. Lucy's surgery was a little over a week ago, and I am thrilled to report that she has not had any complications, is in no pain, and is healing wonderfully.

My kids often give me reason to create, but mixing that with my opinions and design aesthetic gets me really excited. The necklace pictured above, which I call my "Modern Family" Necklace holds your family close to you, but not in a look at me way. One of my first inspirations to create personalized jewelry was based off of this garish gold, silver, & crystal bracelet, that I felt was offensive because of how much attention it called to itself. I knew I could make something along the same lines but in a timeless and classic way, one that people wouldn't even have to know was a piece of "Mom Jewelry". I find the subject to be the beautiful thing. I want my designs to hold them dear, but in a quiet way. Being a mom or a wife is a personal thing. It's a deeply good thing. Not anything that I need attention and/or praise for. I think I might be starting to rant! :) So with that, I present to you my "Modern Family" necklace. It's quiet, modern, chic & a great gift for any mom. I hope you love it! It's available in my Etsy Store. Please email me if you have any questions at

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Next post I will be featuring some new pieces I've been working on, and who knows, maybe a new baby! :)

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PS  If any of you has a child that has recently been diagnosed with hydronephrosis or kidney reflux and is in the Chicago area, please inquire about Dr. Gundeti. He's at Comer's in Chicago, and is nationally recognized. He's a wonderful surgeon & person and I would love for your child to have the same positive experience as ours. Email me:


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