My newest collection!

The idea for this collection came to me recently. My thoughtful husband took my kids to Minneapolis for 4 days, yes 4 days!!! so that I could begin working on my holiday open house. I was 3 days in and I was not picking up steam. I found myself wandering, feeling lost, wasting a lot of time! I absolutely hate when I feel aimless.   I decided to tackle the laundry mountain growing through the floor in Anthony's room. I was hoping that by doing something I knew I could complete that I would start feeling productive. I was looking for that ball rolling, I got this feeling. I was quietly folding along and the reason why I do what I do popped in my head. "Find beauty Everyday". The reason I create is to put what's beautiful to me in front of my face. I have to search for it.  But I've gotten pretty good at it. It helps me to be grateful. It's the reason most of my days are good.  It's why I take pictures. It's why I make jewelry. Those words to me are about putting beauty in the forefront and reflecting it back to me, so when I am distracted or negative,  I am reminded what really is important to me.  Beauty to me means creating something meaningful & authentic that I can connect to. Or capturing something about those I love that’s real. I think everyone would be better off if they got a daily reminder of what's important to them. I love this necklace to wear everyday for myself. I also love it as a gift. I think giving other people words that remind them who they are, lift them up, and encourage them are a wonderful gift. I'm calling this collection my key collection, because the words I'm using are ones that have unlocked doors for me. What words have unlocked doors for you??? Please comment below! or post on my facebook page! I'd love to hear the words that mean something to you!

I'm hoping to see you at my holiday open house!! I'm hoping you check out my Pommier-Benoit facebook page to see all of the new pieces I'm posting!

I normally love to share my family photos with you. I feel like every day I get closer to knowing what I want to do with photography. What I could do with a business. For now, It's just my family, whom I love shooting more than anything. Here's our October! Thank You for reading! It feels so good to connect with you!

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