Dot to Dot Collective: January 2018


I'm Lost. 

I feel worn out. Depleted. Exhausted. Devoid of inspiration. I am ruled by my head above my heart. Unless anger & frustration count. My work feels so boring & unappealing. If I take another shot of them watching YouTube together.... if I am asked to do one more thing that they themselves are capable of doing... if I have to hear one more "watch me" ... this is the flip side of my gratitude seeking... moment relishing... personality... it's the yang to my yin that I'm not proud of, the deep breath that I hopefully  take before  saying something hateful ... when all she wanted was me to put on a movie for her... it's the part of me that needs to find rest & inspiration or I will swallowed whole by the level of mundane... that I usually see beauty in. ... . But just have nothing left to give right now. It's these low points that it usually takes to open my eyes to my blessings.... but I'm just not there yet. 

This post is a monthly blog collective I am grateful to be a part of: The Dot to Dot collective. We are a group of photographers who met through The Family Historian, a workshop taught by Heather Robinson.  It is our goal to create a family legacy to leave behind for our children. We are doing this by telling stories with our cameras.  But our cameras can only capture so much.  And that is why we write. The narratives that we attach to our photographs connect the dots to reveal "The Big Picture".   It's become so much more than the fancy language, a place for mom's who find inspiration through their lens and lift each other up when we need it. 


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