“An unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates

I have to say I don’t know 100% if I’m staying or going. Or is it that I do know, but I am not willing to admit it to myself. I have been completely absorbed in the having kids stage of my life for 9 years!?! And it’s required imbalance to survive. Survive. There were major parts of that time when all I was doing was surviving. On interrupted sleep. On not enough time to myself. Ships passing in the night with my husband. Sitting in a room crying by myself because I can’t be asked to get someone One.. More …Thing. I’ve bent my life around my kids to the point of not knowing what matters to me outside of them. Who as a mother has not?

Who am I outside of being their mom??

This year I decided that it was time to stop putting things off. Whether it’s a trip with my husband, opening a new business, a night with a good friend… even though my Holiday Open House is next week. I am going to examine what matters most, make that the center & fill in around that with things that serve my life and move me forward. I am making wholeheartedness drive me and let fear sit in the back seat.

There’s always room for excuses, but this year I have prioritized living the life I am designed to live, instead of holding my breath and waiting… until next summer, Leo’s in school, until I take one more class.

Although I am a jewelry designer, Jewelry, when I’m not making it, is not often on my mind. Living a full & intentional life is. Life is busy, but every moment matters to me. I’ve designed this piece to remind me of this. The wholehearted necklace is simple, but strong in stature. It’s easy to throw on and run out the door, and it goes with everything. I spin the heavy ring around in my fingers all day, and let the scratches and scrapes on in it from wearing it often enhance it’s story.

It will be available next thursday! at my holiday open house

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Have a wonderful day!

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