This August my husband gifted me a vacation. 3 days 2 nights where he would take the kids and I could have the house to myself and design.  As a stay-at-home mom, my days are built around my kids. My time in my studio, which is extremely valuable to me, has limits. To have 3 days of uninterrupted design time was a very extravagant gift!

 Along with my daily Panera & Starbucks (these make me feel like a lady on the town) I spent my day with my entire house as my studio. I had a list of exciting projects I wanted to pursue, I had my Pinterest board full of design inspiration, and I had my supplies waiting and ready to go. Of course nothing worked out as I had planned.

As most projects for me start I had this fabulous idea that I was over the moon about. I wanted a new line that had a very graphic pop of color. I had this idea of masking off pieces of brass and painting them. I spent hours on this. I dipped the brass in paint, I used self-etching primer, I spray painted the brass. Each try ended in failure. The paint would just peel right off. After spending hours on this,I started getting antsy. I began having horrific visions of  three days to myself and no pieces created. How would I explain myself! From somewhere a brilliant idea struck! I thought maybe I'd mask them off and try using some sort of method to get a patina on them!  My struggle did not end in vain! The pieces that I oxidized were beautiful. They are the main inspiration for my new line. Funny thing is when I was cleaning up my painting mess a few days later. I found a bunch of painted pieces that had dried long enough. They were pretty cool too! I got too excited and didn't let them dry! I am so excited to present to you my new pieces!
I will posting them as I finish them!


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