Heartfelt Gift Ideas

My life is good. I have so many wonderful people in my life, and so many blessings. This year Christmas to me is so much more about celebrating that. This year I am going to do my best to focus on being thankful for the wonderful people in my life.  To those of your who are stuck on what to give and who to give to I hope my gift ideas can help you:

1. To those who make your life easier: A simple note showing your appreciation, and a simple gift for them to enjoy. I'd give a simple pair of earrings or bracelet that I think is beautiful. 

I feel like we are still in a transition phase since Kate's been born. Anthony seems to be having the most difficult time with it. This is manifested in him just being... bad. He is a handful and he wears me out. Each day, at lunch time we pick up Lucy from school. There is this wonderful woman there that gives Anthony some attention, a piece of paper, & a crayon, and this gives me a break. To her, I am so very thankful!

2. To those who listen to you & support you: I think a heartfelt note pointing out how much they mean to you, and something that makes them feel special. Maybe a monogram necklace. Maybe a set of bracelets that make them think of your friendship when she wears them.

I can text my good friend Emily every day at any time of the day with my latest melt down. And she can talk me off the ledge and make me laugh every time. She can make me see the light when I thought there was none. I can't imagine my life without her!

3. To a friend going through a hard time: I think a note with some words of encouragement, and time. I think making a date to go out for a nice evening that offers them a break from their stress is the perfect gift. At this date, I would give them something that they could get excited about. Maybe new earrings that are a little glamorous that they could get excited about. My other idea would be to make them something that helps them remember that they're not alone and that they are loved. Maybe a personalized necklace with words of encouragement or a monogram necklace just to remind them that they are special and important.

4. To yourself: The holiday season is busy and can be stressful, what would make your day a little better? What can you treat yourself with to get you excited.

For me this year was 2 new pairs of sweat pants (ones without holes!!). And a set of photo ornaments from Snapfish.com. My life can get so busy and chaotic that I tend to forget who is important to me and why. So I made photo ornaments, 1 from each year of my kids' lives. They're aluminum so they will not get broken when my little ones decorate the tree. They will bring me joy each and every year of our lives. Also, for me, giving brings me joy. If I can think of things that will make others feel good and make them feel love and importance, I feel great.

5. For your husband: I think it's very easy to take your spouse for granted. So I think a heartfelt somewhat romantic letter, along with some plans that are set for a date night, and something that would just make him happy. In my case, I also need to get him things that he specifically asks for too. Creativity for me in this case doesn't always pay off! So some socks are on my list too!

My husband makes everything happen. He works 3 jobs, comes home, does baths & homework & bedtime and never complains. He takes his and my ideas and he brings them to life. My life & my home are beautiful because of my husband.

6. For the kindred spirit: I think give something that you love to them. Wrap it up beautifully, and of course! A short note telling them what they mean to you.

I am so lucky to have a neighbor and friend, a fellow creative, that I get to collaborate with. She gets me and my creative flair and is appreciative of what I do. She is so much fun to work with.  It's food to my soul to have another creative spirit to work on things with!

7. For the new mom: I have so many ideas for new moms! Definitely emotional support. Definitely time if they need a break, but also something to celebrate the new little one in there life. A mom necklace or bracelet. I have so many in my store. Don't hesitate to check them out! www.pommier-benoit.com

I don't think there's ever an inappropriate time to give if the root of your gift comes from being thankful. I don't think there's anything more joyful than giving the right gift to someone who needs it or deserves it. And did not expect it. There are so many ways/things to give. Time. Kind words. Something beautiful something heartfelt. Something you love.
There are a lot of times that I physically or spiritually need to give. A lot lately when my day is so full of chaos that it feels like a blur it is necessary for my soul to step back and find beauty in the day. I can get so wound tight I forget what I am thankful for and blessed with and searching for the beauty I've forgotten about gives me perspective. Occasionally I will just randomly gift because I need that boost. I hope this post gives you some ideas for those that are special in your life!!!

Next post I will be talking about some new ideas I am working on!

Can't wait to talk again!



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