Happy Valentine's Day to You!

One reason I love every day life so much more than a holiday is that it's even and it's predictable, most of the time. There's a routine. It helps me remain grounded.  I am one of those head before the skis people ... I get excited, then watch out!  I've thrown myself into my photography this year. Capturing my kids as they are (not posed) in an artful way is my passion & challenge for this year.  Well... it's winter... I have to shoot indoors. There are a lot of cloudy days. My camera does alright in low light, but I've had it for awhile now maybe it's time to find something better. I do my research, check my budget, buy the first thing I see that fits my requirements. I purchase it and excitedly wait for it to come in the mail. A day or so into my waiting, I start second guessing myself. I log onto my Clickinmoms forum (which if you are into photography, you should totally check out) to consult, then onto Nikon.com, talk to their help, and I realize I've made a terrible mistake. They said the D3300 I've just ordered would be a step back from my D5100, they suggest a D7100. I realize they're totally right, no use purchasing something that will set me back. I say (in my head) I should wait, I should give it some time, save up a bit more. You know, get things handled with the D3300 return. Stuff that makes sense. Instead, I get so excited, I order the D7100 (for a great price mind you). Then after that I contact the vendor about the D3300 return and they want to charge me a 15% restocking fee for the camera! It's not even opened!! That should be illegal...  Insane.. I am going to have to give them over $50.00 for just ordering and sending back a camera! Cart before the horse thing not working so great for me! Back to my point ...

I love to get over the moon about things, but it takes me on a crazy roller coaster. Ups & Downs, and me all over the place. I throw reason and sense out the window. It's been a little nuts, but a lot of fun! I am still anxiously awaiting the D7100 to arrive! I am hoping to pass a little of my crazy excitement to you with my Valentine's Day sale. Free Earrings with purchase & other great deals. I'd show you a picture of the free pair, but to tell you the truth I haven't made them yet! I assure you I will be making a favorite to pass on to you!!  Happy Valentine's Day! Like me on my facebook page, and you will get more details on the sale. I am a little bit to the wire on this sale!

In my next post I will be showing you some of my new pics with my kids! I've got a lot I am excited to share with you about capturing your family! Also, I will be showing you some pics of some new pieces I am working on! I can't wait to share my inspiration with you!!

Can't wait to see you at my open house!!

Mandy Benoit

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