As a 31 week pregnant stay-at-home mom of a 4-year-old little lady & a nearly 2-year-old handful of a boy I must admit I get pretty worn out and in need of a quick pick me up from time to time.  I really love basics, jewelry that you can wear every day, that becomes a part of you. However, I tell you currently, the opportunity to dress up and feel pretty is few and far between. The time & energy to get ready for this is even less. I find that if I put on a touch of make-up on, fix my hair, and put on a pair of eye catching earrings, I feel good. I feel attractive. That does wonders for my well-being. I chose brass because I feel it immediately lights up your face. The hexagon is just a simple & interesting shape. I believe the more that your wear that is unique, the more you look intriguing. The earrings are long and dangley because I feel they ad that touch of glamour that I and many others so need from time to time. The addition of the semi-precious stone adds a touch of a timeless material. I think the combination is stunning. You will feel great wearing these earrings! Stop by the Kankakee Farmers' Market Saturday, August 16 from 8:00 - Noon or Contact me to purchase a pair!

I look forward to sharing some exciting new pendants I was inspired by in my next post!


Mandy Benoit

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