Inspired by Friendship

My very best friend, Emily, recently had a birthday. She and I talk daily. We have a Monday-Friday good morning text that start our days. On a Saturday or Sunday, if we have a crisis or something great that happens, she's always there to listen. She listens to my repetitive ups and downs, and never shows frustration. I can talk to her about anything. She’s the first to congratulate me when something big happens! She’s the first to cheer me on or give me perspective when I need it. I want to make her something that shows her how invaluable she is to me.

My favorite bracelet right now is a brass bangle. It's got nuance, weight, and it's dinged up in the most beautiful way. Like Emily, it's interesting, imperfect, and beautiful. Where I was afraid I may have taken it a little too cheesy is when I stamped 'friend' into the bracelet. However, I thought about it. What's so wonderful about our friendship is that it's enduring, and it's taken me through years of ups and downs.  To me, our friendship is everything to me. When she’s having a bad day, or just a really unsure one, she can look at the stamping on the bracelet and remember how much I value her. I feel pretty great about that! Happy Birthday Emily!

Amanda BenoitComment