Pay it forward

I'm very excited to introduce to you a new collection I have in the works, my GIVE collection. Each piece in this collection, will give at least $10.00 to a cause I believe in. I'm so excited about my GIVE collection flagship project. Through a partnership with the Enactus Group at Olivet Nazarene University, a student group that's sole focus is on making the world a better place, I was given the privilege of being a part of the project "Sewing Swazi".  In coordination with Dr. Lynda Allen of Olivet, Enactus has raised money for an impoverished group of women in Swaziland, Africa to buy sewing machines so they can run their own business and support their family. In 2014 the group traveled to Africa to meet the woman and help them start their business

When I learned about this project, I immediately wanted to be a part.  The whole thing stunned me. How something as simple as providing a woman a sewing machine could change a woman’s life and direction.   I’ve been wanting to give back in some way, shape, or form but wasn’t sure how to do this in a meaningful way.  I decided to meet with Lynda and discuss how I could be a part of this. We decided that I would design a couple of pieces to sell where each sale would have a portion of the proceeds that went directly towards a sewing machine purchase. Starting my own business has been one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. To have the opportunity to pay that forward to someone else, was mind blowing for me. It just felt great.

  Our partnership came to fruition this past Saturday. Olivet hosted its annual Ladies day, and the Enactus group sold my pieces to its attendees. The result was more than I had hoped! 35 pieces were sold. One woman will now receive a new sewing machine and an assistant because of this. She can now help her family and grow as a person because of that. That's an amazing thing!

  This event marked the unofficial launch of my “Give” campaign. Each piece designed for this campaign will have at least $10.00 that goes towards purchasing a sewing machine, and changing a woman’s path in life. I’ve 1 piece designed to kick off the new collection, but I will continue to make the collection grow with fresh new simple designs. Please follow me on my Pommier-Benoit Handcrafted Facebook page, as they will be posted here first! I couldn’t be any more excited about this! Thank you so much for reading!