The newest thing I'm working on!

Hello! It’s been a while! I have so much to share! I’m 19 weeks pregnant with a boy! I’ve never had an idea of what my definition of a perfect family was, but I am very happy with the balance. I’m excited to give Anthony a brother! I’ve had a fairly uneventful pregnancy, but it’s kicked my butt! Emotional & a mental exhaustion are my reality right now

Lucy just started 1st grade at Bishop McNamara. She’s very excited to be back at school, I hope that keeps up. She's an incredible big sister. So sweet. And so helpful. She is a kind and amazing little girl.

I am so proud of how hard she works and what she's accomplished.

One of the things that makes me most happy about our family is Anthony & Lucy's love for each other. I swear Anthony'd live with Lucy until she was 100.

Anthony is getting close to 4 year now. He got a bow and arrow set yesterday and it is everything to him. He is such a sweet and sensitive little boy. Right now, he is very skilled at giving me a run for my money every day. He's in a do what ever he wants phase, which is very challenging for this pregnant mama.

How I think he sees me.

How I think he sees me.

How I need to try harder to see him.

How I need to try harder to see him.

Kate is at a really great age, she’ll be 2 in October. She loves saying words just because she knows what they are. She told me “I love you” for the first time yesterday!

She’s a joy. It will break my heart for her to no longer be my baby.  She's my little side kick right now.  I love spending the day with her and her big head of hair!

Then there’s baby boy living in my belly, who I can feel kick at all times of the day! I love this part of pregnancy!

I’ve been developing a lot of new ideas that I’m excited about! I thank God daily for Jewelry. It’s my time to create and that is something that’s essential to my well-being. The cuffs I’ve created are something that’s been a part of my jewelry wardrobe for quite some time. My 1” brass cuff has become a permanent part of my right arm. These will be featured at the Kankakee Farmer's market on August 27. I will also be a part of the Kankakee Farmer’s market on September 10. I will be featuring  an every day collection, that currently lives in my head, but will be created by the market. The brass necklace that I wear every day inspired this collection. It's simple, full of patina, and has become a part of me. My holiday open house will be November 17, and I will have many beautiful beaded pieces created for then. Thank you so much for reading today! I hope you’re well and enjoying August! I hope to see you Saturday, August 27!


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