Maker Monday: Holiday Open House Review

Last week, there was just no chance of me posting a blog! I was worn out!

This week, I was almost going to get my my "Maker Monday" post up by 11:30 PM... and my F#^&ing external hard drive stopped working. The one with all of my Open House images! Oh man! Not a great way to end my night! 

So once again, with my recent tradition of never posting a Monday titled post on Monday, here we are!!  My Holiday Open house was an incredible success! I work my rear end off every day for 2+ months. Every day, every minute that work can be done, jewelry is being made, tagged, photoed, displayed, posted, ... I put my whole heart and soul into the event. This year I was blessed to have my brother-in-law Brad, my good friends Jen & Megan, and as always my husband Luke help me to get things done. My helpers for the night my sister-in-law Danielle, my mom, my mother-in-law Chris, and the best sales person ever! Pat, and of course Lucy, Anthony, & Kate were doing whatever they could!! And Joanne!! my assistant!!! Holy cow, I am so grateful for you & your ideas... I feel like I just won an oscar and I'm giving my acceptance speech here! Anyway, I am not able to do what I do without the support of my friends and family! 


I am so grateful that people come out to receive my work. It means so much to me that people see my work in a light that is worthy to them and the people they buy gifts for! Being able to do what I love and put it out there in the world is everything to me!


Below are my best selling pieces!!! Check out etsy or email me If you're interested!! I love that a piece intended to lift others up was one of my best selling pieces! I still have plenty of time to make personalized and custom orders.  I will be hosting a few more things at my house! I hope you can make them! 

As always! Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great week!!