Dot to Dot Collective*: November

I've been so busy. Jewelry season wears me out. Working every hour of the day I can to make sure I have what I need for my show, every day, for months on end... it takes everything I have. I no longer have time to take pause, and that's what wipes me out. I don't have time for the practice of seeing the beauty that exists right in front of me, the gifts I'm blessed with.... 

Well my big show is done... and my reward is time....time to really see you; enjoy you; be with you.  you have gotten a cold my little love. And it really jams you up. Streams of snot. You poor thing. Today when I was rocking you to sleep for your nap, I found myself singing to you, and almost chanting, "you need mama" you dug your head into my shoulder as if to tell me there was no place you'd rather be, and as this weekend, I'm ignoring any big make lists I may have, and taking pause, I took pleasure in you needing me. I reveled in you needing me, delighted in it. You are our last. My heart is starting to align with my head on this. The needing me that used to wear me to the bone is now going to be what I miss the very most. But for now, I'm going to take it in and let it warm my heart 

* The Dot to dot collective is a monthly blog collective I am grateful to be a part of. We are a group of photographers who met through The Family Historian, a workshop taught by Heather Robinson.  It is our goal to create a family legacy to leave behind for our children. We are doing this by telling stories with our cameras.  But our cameras can only capture so much.  And that is why we write. The narratives that we attach to our photographs connect the dots to reveal "The Big Picture".