Dot to Dot: February 2018


Today we bonded over my new tripod and using my phone as a remote. I love that I'm learning that a way we can connect is through projects and how things work. Something we both love. I feel like the last month or so we have really been struggling to connect, and for at least a few minutes today, we were in sync. I hate that you often see angry & yelling more than lighting up because of how much I love you. This photo means the world to me because I can see what really matters between us. We may not always see eye to eye, but there is so much love. There has always been, is right now, and will always be. 

This post is a monthly blog collective I am grateful to be a part of: The Dot to Dot collective. We are a group of photographers who met through The Family Historian, a workshop taught by Heather Robinson.  It is our goal to create a family legacy to leave behind for our children. We are doing this by telling stories with our cameras.  But our cameras can only capture so much.  And that is why we write. The narratives that we attach to our photographs connect the dots to reveal "The Big Picture".   It's become so much more than the fancy language, a place for mom's who find inspiration through their lens and lift each other up when we need it. 


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