You Matter: 5 ways to take a moment for you

I call this the mom hustle. Busting your butt so everyone you love has what they need. What about you? 

I call this the mom hustle. Busting your butt so everyone you love has what they need. What about you? 

Do you ever feel as if you're a walking ball of stress with chaos swirling around you in a cartoony illustrated kind of way as your son yells that he wants more orange juice in a not so polite manner,  your daughter cries and tells you're mean because you just can t handle one more request, and your baby knocks the lamp over? Then your husband, who is the most helpful, well meaning, would do anything for you, person you know, walks in the house and asks if you had a chance work on his logo and you just start sobbing?

That's a caricature of my week. An entire week of me taking care of sick kids. I don't think I've decompressed all week. Is anyone else's life like this ever? 

What do you even do when you feel like this???? I'm sure there has been a moment for me, but when I'm under this level of need all I can feel is stress.. Emanating from every pore. I'll tell you right here it definitely doesn't bring out my best side. 

For the first time in a week, I'm taking a moment.

I'm sitting here right now, getting ready to start making new spring pieces. My kids are at their Grandma's and I feel peace for the first time in a week. 

After an entire week of my kids being sick... I need attention... And when you have a week or a day... .... or who cares!! You're having a great week! You Matter. Make a moment for you!!!! 

5 things to do (that I do) when you need to find you again!! 

  1. Listen to some music you feel just gets you. Meets you where you're at. My picks: Ghost that we knew, Mumford & Sons; Like the Dawn, The Oh Hellos (Man!! The Oh Hellos, the only song so far of theirs I know, but I will be making a Pandora station inspired by this this song!! This song gets me, I get lost in this song); Running for Cover, Ivan & Alyosha (LOVE! LOVE! LOVE); and.... Am I wrong, by Nico & Vinz (I totally feel a retro vibe, I love this song, it's become a favorite of my kids to!) 

  2. Get something ridiculously indulgent from Starbucks and enjoy every bite. My breakfast this morning: A southern biscuit & gravy sandwich (with a reward I earned!!); My daily must; A grande iced Americano with extra cream & 2 equals; & A warm chocolate chip cookie! I enjoyed every bit!!!
  3. Binge watch queer eye for the straight guy on Netflix. Fabulous! Just did this.. couldn't stop watching... So good!! 
  4. Take a looong hot indulgent shower and use some tea tree shampoo that makes your scalp tingle... my favorite is Paul Mitchell tea tree... pricey... but soooo worth the cost
  5. Journal!!! In my favorite note keeping app Evernote; or in a Moleskine journal... something worthy of your feelings!!! Make your feelings be heard! My emotions grow so big under stress that they overwhelm me. My husband wants to get it, but sometimes my ability to explain is so substandard there's no way he can. Journaling helps me understand how I feel, so I can go to him when I need help. 

Alright, time to get rolling! Going to download some new music at hit the treadmill! Before I get making.... I'd list exercise as good for my soul! I'm just not there yet!!! :| 

Thank you so much for reading & hearing me!!! I needed that!

Have a great weekend! Mandy





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