I get bored easily. I enjoy designing new pieces regularly. I love being inspired by new materials seasonally. To make the same pieces year after year never occurred to me. However, that all changed for me.

There were earrings I'd make that would sell out regularly. I'd make more and they'd sell out again. It was very flattering to feel that something I made was desired that much that I needed to continue making it. These earrings were my simple, elemental, pieces that went with everything. Pieces I could wear with a pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt (a must for me) or a dressier outfit if I was actually going somewhere other than Starbucks or Target :). I could grab a pair and I knew it'd make me feel a little more put together leaving the house. There were enough of these essential pairs of earrings that I decided to make a collection. 

Now that I had a direction, I had no idea what to name them. After thinking about it, and asking my close friends, I decided to name them after the essential people in my life. The ones I can't live without. 

Emily, is my very best friend. My Emily Earrings are named after her. Emily & I text daily at 8:00 AM Monday-Friday to say good morning, check in, chat, and lift each other up when needed. If a text is sent on Saturday or Sunday with us, something's up! She has helped me through some of the very darkest times of my life and celebrated the most meaningful & joyful times of my life. She's my go to when the weight I am carrying is just too much. She gives me perspective with some wit & humor on top. She's essential to my well being and my day.  Today is her birthday so I'm sharing this post to honor her!!! Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Thank you for reading!!!


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