What are you doing only for you?

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The blueberry stains on the floor underneath Leo’s red Chicco seat really could use a good scrubbing.

The dishes from tonight’s dinner are cluttering the counter beside the sink.

A weekend’s worth of clothes are piling out of the basket at the top of the stairs, & 

A multi-colored mountain of clean clothing has been filling up our bed since last Thursday.


Other than the obvious current messy state my house is in, all of these things have something in common.

They will be here tomorrow.


There has been nothing more important to my well being than making time for myself. I assure you there are enough demands to fill my day and my to do lists are long. However, I've learned that if I don't put myself first I will burn out. And so will you. Since free time is never in an abundance. How do you make the time that you have count? 


I am a very emotional person and my feelings are definitely the tell that I go to  figure out what I need. 
If I am bored, I usually need to be inspired so I look to Pinterest. If I am feeling stagnant, I look for spaces that I can give new life to. If I’m exhausted, I probably need more rest. How are you feeling? 

2. ASK YOURSELF WHAT DO YOU NEED MORE OF?  What’s missing?  You know yourself best. Are you dying to read a juicy romance novel?  Do you want to do something creative?  Do you just want to sit in a room by yourself and do absolutely nothing?? 
All are perfectly valid options. Meet yourself where you are at. 

3.  CARVE OUT SOME TIME.  I am someone who needs a lot of creative time. I used to feel guilty about it. I don’t anymore. When I am a happy satisfied person, I can show up for everyone else. I have used nap time (rest time for the older ones) & bed time for years as time to make time for me, my ideas, and my creations. It may be a half hour before everyone is up, it may be 2 hours after everyone goes to bed. What works for you? 

4. OWN IT. You matter. This is your time. You have to make it happen. This is your responsibility. Mark it in your planner, don’t let anyone else invade it. 

5.  CREATE THE SPACE. Think about what you need more of and plan accordingly. 
If you’d like to spend an hour reading each night. Make sure you have a comfy chair, with a cozy blanket, in a lamp lit area, with something to put your feet on & something to place your glass of wine on. If you would enjoy watching your favorite show on  your phone in the tub at the end of the night, get some epsom salts, a great smelling candle, and make sure you have your iphone charged. You can definitely improve your space as you continue this time, but do not put off time for you because you don’t have the right lamp or tub.

Now go schedule some time for you!!! You deserve it!!! 
I hope you have a great week!!

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