When your week's just too much to handle.


I have dreamed of opening a documentary photography business since Kate was first born (2014). I am FINALLY doing it! so I am currently working with a mentor, re-building my  website, etc. 

It's now September! and I will be having an open house to feature my new hammered cuffs at the end of the month. They are not designed or made yet :|

I'm creating a book for a client. It encapsulates her daughter's first year and they bond she and her daughter have forged. This project stirs my soul. I couldn't feel any more honored to be working on it...  

And Oh yes!! and I have 4 children that are fed, watered, loved and clothed! I always forget to give myself credit for that part!

I have all this work I’m pushing forward, stuff I'm really really proud of, but I have NO feeling of accomplishment! Only stress. 

What I do (try to do) when this happens!!

1. Take a moment.
Clear some mental space for you. Sit down. Take a deep breath. And relax for a few heartbeats. Give yourself a moment to step back from the chaos you feel inside.

2. Grab some paper & a pen.
I very much enjoy writing with Precise V5 pens & I love the way it feels to write on notecards. I keep both on hand so that when I need to makes notes, the writing process feels good before I even get started. I highly suggest you do the same. Figure out what you enjoy writing with and on. Make the moments in between count!! 

3. Make a list.  
Chances are the reason you’re feeling this ways is because you’ve lost the big picture.  
It’s very likely that you’re so wrapped up in the busyness of your week that you haven’t taken the time to see all that you’ve accomplished. When you’re running from here to there it’s so easy to only feel the stress and not to see that what you’ve been doing matters.  

My list:  
Book Project: I’ve made a copy of my template and prepared it for Chapter 8. 
I looked at Renee’s photos and decided how to use them in thus chapter. 
I assessed my photos and determined how to use them. (This list is going to keep getting more boring, so I’ll stop here, for your sake)
My mentorship: I’ve finished an email for my welcome funnel; 
                         I’ve started an email for this week. 
Jewelry: I made 15 pair of brass hoop earrings & a new bracelet
My house: I washed 3 loads of laundry. I folded 4 loads of laundry. I ran 2 loads of dishes. 
As you can imagine your list is more than likely longer than you think. 
If it’s not long enough for you.. Add brushing your teeth & taking a shower. That’s self care! It matters.

4. Give your list meaning. 
Take a moment, and consider each task on your list & why they matter. Now be your own best friend and pat yourself on the back for what you have accomplished!

Brouillet Book: I love this project. I love designing books. They’re a place that honors your life in a way that’s worthy of it. Getting a chapter/week done might not feel like a lot but it’s consistently pushing this big project forward. 
My mentorship: My mentorship is 3 months long. My dream of opening a photography business has been years in the making. You may feel you’re spinning your wheels, but you are working towards a dream. This is awesome. 

Now trust me. Leo is 19 months. Last year having a new baby and 3 other little ones.. it about did me in. When I felt that feeding him and dealing with emotional outburst was all I was doing.. I couldn’t feel it then. But it still mattered. I was nurturing a baby. I was creating his safe place and sustenance. Although I couldn’t see it. It mattered more than anything.  There are so many seasons in life. Some easier than others. 

5. Hang your list up. 
This needs to go on the refrigerator or somewhere that you put things that celebrate your life. If you don’t have this type of space, create it! 
You are enough and what you’re putting into the world matters
You rock!
Have a great week! 


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