When Luke & I began dating I made a rule that he had to write me a love letter for Valentine’s day every year. He shows his love for me by doing & my love language is words of affirmation, I made sure he knew that this was non-negotiable. He wasn’t necessarily jumping for joy for my request :), but he obliged. Now, I have a beautiful written history of our love through these letters that I can revisit at anytime. I treasure this.


A few years ago I began wondering how often my kids hear my true feelings for them. Of course there is “I love you” and plenty of the basic care of love… but if we had a fight or if they were going through a tough patch I wanted them to have something tangible to read and be reassured just how much they are loved and worthy of love. I make books for our family & each of our kids yearly. This is the place that my love letters live.

I know so many people that want to share their feeling for their kids but just don’t know how to put them into words. If you’re in that boat... Here’s how:



When I look at you I see:

Stuff about you:

You love:

I want to remember:

You wowed me:

I love that:

I love you.


My Lucy Mae, When I look at you I see a little girl who loves with her whole heart. You are beautiful inside and out. You make me so proud. You are in the 2nd half of 2nd grade. You have just lost another tooth. Getting ready for school in the morning used to be challenging for you, but now you are knocking it out of the ball park. You love God, prayer, & church. You love singing & dancing. You love making people feel good. I want to remember how I can rely on you. I can trust you to get Leo up. How you do great in school but focus challenges you like it does for me. You love the descendants and you deeply love your siblings and cousins. You are outgoing. You wowed me the other day, you can’t believe how proud I was of you when you insisted on going out and selling chocolate on your own. Wow! Just wow! I love that you have gotten so big and that even though you are seven years old you are still my little girl and you still need me. I love you my Lucy Mae.

Never underestimate the power of your words.

You matter. Your words matter. Sharing your love matters.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!