How to decide if a project is worthy of your time.

I like to believe that I am in the phase of my life where my kids aren’t demanding as much of me as they used to. I’m no longer up in the night. That’s a major plus, but it’s 8:29 PM and I am sitting at my desk trying to figure out how soon is too soon for bed.  The truth is I’m fielding demands all day and if I don’t fortify myself, I don’t have enough to give to everyone else.  Here is the process I’ve created to accept any new project or daily practice into my life. It ensures that anything I add to my life gives me happiness & energy instead of chipping away at it. 


1. Does it include gratitude? 
2. Does it push you creatively?
3. Does it stretch you & make you grow?
4. Does it bring you joy?
5. Does it restore you? 
6. Is it meaningful?
7. Does it move you forward?

Hope this helps you make your day more fulfilling! 

Amanda BenoitComment